Stunt School Day 8 – Martial Arts Fight

We picked up where we left off yesterday – with a fight up on the bridge, ending in a header fall.  We’re getting smoother now with more practice.  It’s HOT up there on the bridge – hot air rises, plus we’re away from the fans.

Since we had a little time before lunch, we did a short session on trampoline.  We started with basics such as controlling your jump, half turns and full turns, seat drops, and table drops.  I hadn’t really done table drops before – took some practice and adjusting, so that I’m not landing face first or legs first – everything should land flat at the same time.

After lunch, we did some independent practice – I worked on kips.  It’s still a little inconsistent, but at least I can get up now.

Then we set up the mats, for a fight scene heavy on the martial arts.  Kofi and I worked out the fight scene (with Aaron critiquing and adding his suggestions), and started running through it.  We learned how to a throw into a wall, and also used some props such as a foam barrel, and a foam rock.

We went through it a few times, and started to film it, but we were just so dead tired (it’s HOT and HUMID this week).  So we’ll start with this tomorrow and hopefully get a few good takes.


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