Stunt School Day 7 – Knives and Mid-Falls

After a quick warm-up, we went back to mid-falls off the bridge.  We were feeling a little more comfortable with it this time.  Today we added some flailing on the way down – a few arm waves and legs kicking.  Less is more – so that we don’t look like we’re doing doggie paddles or something.

Then we also worked on knife fights.  The basic strikes and footwork are similar to what we did for sword yesterday.  We worked on a short knife fight scene, to get the timing and distance right.  Filmed a few takes to see what it looks like on camera.

Now it’s time to put it together.  We went up onto the bridge to finish the last half of the knife fight, with a header fall.  We had to take into account where the camera is (down on the ground), and adjust our strikes accordingly for it to look right.  The end results looked decent!


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