Stunt School Day 9 – Guns

The searing heat wave in NYC continues.  It’s supposed to hit 100 today.  We went over mid falls again, and did a short fight scene on the bridge, ending with a header fall.  Then also practiced the other falls.  Filming really helps you to see what you’re doing wrong and correct it.  I have to make sure I don’t stop flailing too soon on the falls.

Then Kofi and I cleaned up the martial arts fight scene that we worked on yesterday.  With a day’s rest (and being not quite as exhausted), we were a lot sharper and smoother.  We learned that getting the moves very clean and defined is more important than pure speed – they often speed up the cameras anyway, but sloppy moves would still be sloppy.  After a few takes (including one where we forgot to reset the props, and we had to improvise), we got a good, clean take that we were all pretty happy with.

Then we started with the guns – pistols today.  We took the prop guns, and practiced walking with the pistol pointing forward.  Then we did shoulder rolls with the pistol, coming back up with ready.  We finished up with a 3-person fight scene, incorporating the pistols.  We had a couple of sloppy takes, we’ll take it up again tomorrow morning.


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