Industrial – “TSMC Open Innovation Platform”

Filmed this industrial a little while back for the TSMC Open Innovation Platform.

The setup is interesting: a really tall crane that rotates over on top, while a big group of us form intricate geometric shapes and do tightly choreographed movements underneath.

There are three separate segments, all with us cooperating and coming together as a team to: form a silicon platter, create a rotating wheel, build a tower.

Since the camera is overhead, they couldn’t really use a lot of visible marks on the ground. The only way they could tell whether it “looks right” is from the camera monitors. So the hardest part for us is really trying to get the positions right without being able to self-correct. A lot of takes. =)

The full video is here.



Music Video – Little Cinema – “Birdwatchers of the World – Unite!”

How often do you get to be a bird? =)

Well – our dreams came true when shooting this fun music video for Little Cinema’s “Birdwatchers of the World – Unite!”.

The makeup artists really did a great job. Our colors were so striking, especially when seen against the background of the fall foliage in the park. There were even real birdwatchers there when we were filming!


Short Film – “Salience”

Paul Trillo just released his new experimental short film “Salience”.

From the description: “Invisible figures emerge from a forest to be revealed by bursts of colored powder. Shot on the Phantom Miro at 1500 frames per second.”

I was one of the “invisible figures” – a bunch of the shots, including the “levitating” figure in the title frame, are of me. It was shot earlier this year, in the cold of late winter/early spring. Wearing only thin lycra bodysuits used for chromakey (i.e. green screen, blue screen), we were pelted with colored powder as we moved through the woods and fields. Through the magic of visual effects, our figures were made mostly invisible, with the colored powder showing through. The result is beautiful and mysterious.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes where Paul describes how the short was made:


Music Video – Blackbird Blackbird – “All”

The music video for Blackbird Blackbird’s “All” got released recently. It was shot earlier in the year, and I’d previously described the process of putting together the short fight scene.

From the youtube description: “All” depicts the final scene of an imaginary graphic novel, adapted-for-film. Complete with extended anime-style credit sequence, highlighting the names of the top donators of the Kickstarter project that made this whole video possible. Directed by Ellis Bahl. Funded by Blackbird Blackbird fans via Kickstarter.