Stunt School Day 5 – Week 1 Fight Scene

Now we put it all together – everything we learned in Week 1.  After a quick stretch and warmup, we started working on a fight scene that Aaron and Jenna put together on the spot.  It incorporated different punches and kicks, throws and falls.  We switched off so that we learned both sides of the fight choreography.

A bunch of thing we kept working on, over and over:  throwing the strikes with intention and at the right distance and angle for the camera, selling and reacting correctly to hits and falls, and getting the right rhythm and timing for the fight.

After we got the first part down, they added a second part – with a third fighter jumping in, and ending with a fight amongst all three people.  We learned a couple of new techniques – hair pulls, getting swept (by hand or legs, front or back), and incorporated them.

We kept working the scene – to get it smoother, crisper, cleaner, better looking.  Having a camera there (Kofi’s hand-held) helped a lot to see what’s happening.  We were pretty tired, and sometimes got sloppy. But that’s part of it – fighting through it to do the scene.

We finished up with a couple of good takes at full speed – it looked decent!  Such huge progress from the clunky stuff we were doing in the morning.

We wrapped and let us just say that we were very happy the weekend was here.  We were dead-tired and very sore, but luckily not too banged up.  Time to rest up and recuperate before it starts again on Monday.


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