Short Film – “Salience”

Paul Trillo just released his new experimental short film “Salience”.

From the description: “Invisible figures emerge from a forest to be revealed by bursts of colored powder. Shot on the Phantom Miro at 1500 frames per second.”

I was one of the “invisible figures” – a bunch of the shots, including the “levitating” figure in the title frame, are of me. It was shot earlier this year, in the cold of late winter/early spring. Wearing only thin lycra bodysuits used for chromakey (i.e. green screen, blue screen), we were pelted with colored powder as we moved through the woods and fields. Through the magic of visual effects, our figures were made mostly invisible, with the colored powder showing through. The result is beautiful and mysterious.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes where Paul describes how the short was made:


Behind the Scenes

Recently, I saw three movies that focused on the people behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

“20 Feet from Stardom” is a documentary on the backup singers behind hugely popular music acts.

“Drew: The Man Behind the Poster” is a documentary on Drew Struzan – the movie poster artist who painted(!) the movie posters for such iconic movies as “Star Wars”, “Indiana Jones”, “Back to the Future”, and many more.

“In a World…” is a comedy about voice-over artists.

Each of these movies are wonderful in their own way.  I love how they highlight the artistry and talent of the people who are stars in their own right, even though they don’t get the same bright spotlight.  They are a very real part of the creative collaboration that is necessary to give birth to a musical performance or a movie.  I feel like I can identify somewhat with them – since stunt performers fall into a similar role as supporting members of the team.  I can only hope to be even a liiiiiiittle bit as successful as they are.

20 Feet from Stardom (2013) PosterDrew: The Man Behind the Poster (2013) PosterIn a World... (2013) Poster