Music Video – Minio Class – “City Kids”

Towards the end of the year (Dec 2011), worked on this music video for Minio Class’s “City Kids” – directed by Ruth Orellana, and starring Minio Class, Jason “El Monstruo” Escalera, Juan “The Beast” Rodriguez Jr., Vanessa Coelho. I was an extra in the boxing gym – hanging out with the main protagonist, and hitting the punching bags.

The finished music video just came out – here it is:

I thought it came out great! There were definitely things I could nitpick about the way I moved – oh well.

Especially when you look at the other REAL boxers from the Union City Boxing Club. They are real pros, Golden Gloves, etc. Just watching them work out is impressive – on the speed bags, heavy bags, and sparring. Fast, sharp, powerful, good footwork. Respect.