Stunt School Day 10 – Bottle Over The Head

We were all ready to pass out from the heat, and it’s only the morning.  We started out with a few run-throughs of the 3-person fight scene with pistols from yesterday.  After cleaning it up, we filmed a few times.

Then some basic intro into how to handle rifles – from prone crawling, to advancing and turning.

Bob brought out a revolver designed to shoot blanks.  He explained the safety rules, and then let each of us fire a blank.  As expected, it’s LOUD.

We then worked on a fight scene that will incorporate a breakaway bottle at the end.  So we put together a bar fight.  The breakaway bottles are very fragile, and shatter easily – but the pieces can still be sharp, so we have to be careful.  We used a few different kinds – a green beer bottle, a brown beer bottle, and even a coke bottle!  All shattered into a million different pieces that takes a while to clean up.

And that’s the end of Week 2. Bob told us to get some all-cotton clothing over the weekend – jean jacket, jeans, and long-sleeved shirt.  We’ll be doing some burning next week!



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