“Cargo” – Theatrical Release and Premiere

Movie poster for Cargo

Cargo, a feature film about human trafficking, was released into limited theatrical release on Friday, October 21, 2011 at the Quad Cinema in NYC.

Cargo is the latest feature film produced by Persona Films – a production company which I’ve had the pleasure of working with on a few of their commercials. For Cargo, they asked me to work background on their last night of shooting, as a paramedic.

That was two years ago. Since then, they finished editing the film, and started showing it at various film festivals, most recently winning the Grand Jury Award at the New Hampshire Film Festival. Wanting to “release Cargo in a theater in New York City in order to spread awareness of the issue of sex trade in our society”, Persona Films launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $25,000 in a month. In the process, they made Kickstarter history: the one millionth backer was someone who had pledged to support Cargo! And the latest good news is that UNICEF has announced that the organization will provide its support for the film. Hopefully that means that Cargo will be seen in many more places in the US and abroad.

At the premiere and after party, I was thrilled to celebrate with my friends from Persona Films: Yan Vizinberg (director), Abigail Honor (editor), and Chris Cooper (producer). I also caught up with writer Lee Peterkin, who actually was the Knight in the CMS Forex “Arena” we shot together (I was the Ninja who whacked him upside the head with nunchuks).

Earlier this year, I had the inkling of a dream: to one day be sitting in a movie theater, and see my name in the credits – as an actor, stuntman, whatever. At the time, I had no idea exactly how that was suppose to happen – since nothing in the movie business is guaranteed. In a way, it seemed like an impossible dream (or at least, highly improbable). And now, a few short months later, I am sitting in a packed theater at the movie premiere of Cargo, watching my name scroll across the screen. The universe already had everything in place… I just didn’t know it yet. I’ll have to remember this the next time I have doubts about anything.

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