Stunt School Day 14 – High Falls, Air Ram, and Car Hits

Today we started on high falls – we did a few off the 1st platform, then moved up to the 2nd platform.  I did suicides and headers off the second platform.  I was over-rotating a bit on the header – fixed that by reaching out more.

Then we moved onto the air ram.  The air ram is an air-pressure catapult that flings you in the air when you step on the plate.  I was a bit nervous, since it can be dangerous if you hit it wrong.  But it felt fine, and I got a bunch of decent rides in, doing headers.  Bob eventually increased the air pressure for me a few pounds, so that I get more air.  That – plus his advice to reach up more, and to step on the plate more authoritatively, helped a lot.

We finished up with car hits.  We padded up, and Bob drove his stunt car down at a fairly slow speed.  We would then time it right and barrel roll over the hood onto the mats on the other side.  The first few times, I was way too late in going for it – the car was practically stopped.  The few runs were better.

We cleaned up, and prepped for fire burns tomorrow!


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